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pet visits

Whether its rabbits, gerbils, cats, fish or reptiles, leaving your pets in familiar surroundings whilst away will reduce stress and anxiety for them (and for you!)

We offer a home visiting service where we will visit once or twice a day to feed, change water, clean litter trays, administer medication (with written consent), play & give cuddles and keep your house safe whilst your away by drawing curtains, bringing in the post, turning lights on & off & even watering your plants. We can visit as many times as you require. We never post keys on the last visit for security reasons incase you are delayed we can therefore continue the service until you arrive home.

Photos/videos will be sent to you on each visit to ensure peace of mind whilst you're away. 

Report cards will be filled out at each visit




£7.50 per visit​


£8.50 per visit

BANK HOLIDAYS are charged at double rate

CHRISTMAS DAY, BOXING DAY & NEW YEARS DAY  are charged at double rate.

More than one pet? The price stays the same as we charge per visit not per pet.