Dog walking in Arnold

Being a dog walker I visit numerous parks/woods in a variety of locations including Arnold, redhill, woodthorpe, gedling, carlton, lambley, mapperley & sherwood. We are lucky to have so many to choose from just in Arnold (see maps below)

Today i want to share some information with you about The Hobbucks in Arnold. Firstly because its my favoutite place in Arnold to walk dogs and secondly so many people havent even heard of it and dont even know it exists!!!

The site spans a vast area in Arnold - see shaded green area on map below.

It is open at all times and can be accessed via numerous different entrances. The main access via car is off Killisick road and Elder close, NG5. 

The site is on top of a hill at the top of which you will find a viewing information point-

 It is well worth taking a look at as it indicates the position of seven well known local features. On a clear day you might even be able to see Radcliffe on Soar power station cooling towers.

With its many footpaths it also has a couple of fields which are great for your dogs to have a good run on BUT BEWARE- there is a farmers field which often has  sheep on it (the kilkisick road end) ...if your dog runs loose onto this field, the farmer WILL shoot your dog. Having spoke to a local who has  witnessed it you must ensure if you are in  any doubt that your dog might run onto the field, that they are put on the lead around that point. 

But please dont be put off, with its many footpaths and many areas sheltered by the large trees its a great walk to choose come rain or shine!

So if you do venture out there, please leave me a comment and let me know what you think of it... Happy dog walking 🐾🐾

Fun & frolics around Mapperley, Arnold, redhill, daybrook, gedling, carlton, mapperley park & Lambley! 🐾🐾

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